>Conferència: Adjusting to Europe: Institutional Legacies of Communism and Ethnocultural Diversity


L’European Center for Minority Issues organitza els propers dies 29 i 30 d’Agost la conferència Adjusting to Europe: Institutional Legacies of Communism and Ethnocultural Diversity. Tindrà lloc a la Vytautas Magnus University de Kaunas, Lituània:

The impact of the European norms, standards and policies of minority
rights protection on the countries of Central Eastern Europe and in the
states of the former Soviet Union have been intensely studied. However,
the institutional dynamics inherited from the Soviet nationalities
policies have barely been in a focus of interest. The conference asks how
institutional legacies of the past impact on policies supporting minority
communities in the new Europe since a range of the formerly communist
states have accessed the European Union. Much academic and policy-oriented
research has been done on the impact of European norms and institutions on
the post-communist democratisation, yet none on the reverse influence.

Now, 20 years following the demise of the Soviet states and its
nationalities policies, we ask how the European political institutions
reflect the experiences of the communist era and whether, and if so how,
the institutional dynamics are reflected in the EU relations with its
postcommunist neighbours. The conference seeks to raise questions about
the role of communist institutional and ideological legacies in
contemporary European minority politics.

Podeu demanar més informació a través de la pàgina del ECMI.

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