>De camí cap a la Conferència Anual de l’ASEN


The Association for the Study of Ethnicity and Nationalism (ASEN) is holding its 21st Annual Conference, entitled “Forging the Nation”, from the 5th – 7th of April 2011 at the London School of Economics and Political Science.

The fundamental purpose of this conference is to address the role of performances and rituals in the production and reproduction of national identity. This is an important issue for the study of nations and nationalism, however, it remains under-theorised. It is therefore the intention of the conference to gain a deeper understanding of this issue by moving beyond written texts.

We are delighted to announce our confirmed plenary speakers:

Professor Jeffrey Alexander (Yale)
Professor Carol Duncan (Ramapo)
Dr. Jon Fox (Bristol)
Professor Anthony Smith (LSE)

Additional plenary speakers to be announced soon.

For additional enquiries, please email asen.conference2011@lse.ac.uk

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>En homenatge al Dr. Àlex Seglers (1970-2010), col·laborador de l’AENI


>Curs ‘Estados, naciones y regiones en la construcción de Europa’

>1937 - Retrato de medio cuerpo del lehendakari José Antonio Agirre Lekube.Amb motiu del 50è aniversari de la mort J.A. Agirre, la Universitat Menéndez Pelayo acull el curs ‘Estados, naciones y regiones en la construcción de Europa‘, sota la direcció dels professors Ludger Mees i Xosé Manoel Núñez Seixas. Tindrà lloc entre el 30 d’agost i el 3 de setembre a Santander, i comptarà amb la participació de destacats acadèmics com Michael Keating o Montserrat Guibernau, així com dels polítics Ramón Jáuregui o Iñigo Urkullu, que debatran sobre el llegat europeista del primer lehendakari del govern basc el 1936. Podeu consultar el programa aquí.

>N&N Essay Prize

>ASEN and Nations & Nationalism have established an essay prize in honour of the memory of Dominique Jacquin-Berdal who was a devoted member of ASEN and an Editor of Nations & Nationalism.

The essay prize has been established to encourage young scholars to publish original research in ethnicity and nationalism. Submissions are invited on all areas and themes in the field of nationalism studies.

The prize will be awarded for the best article submitted. The winning article will be announced at the 21st annual ASEN Conference, April 2011.

The prize will include a sum of £250 and 2 years’ free membership of ASEN, and may lead to publication of the article in Nations & Nationalism.

Submissions may be made by currently enrolled post-graduate students and those who have submitted their thesis within five years of the submission deadline. The final date for submissions for the 2010 prize award is 30 October 2010. Submission procedure:

1. All submissions and correspondence should be made to the Managing Editor of Nations & Nationalism (nations@lse.ac.uk).
2. Submissions must be accompanied by an official letter from the author’s supervisor confirming status and eligibility.
3. Articles must be submitted in English and in the Nations & Nationalism house style (“Harvard” system). Please refer to the Guidelines for Contributors. https://exchange.lse.ac.uk/exchweb/bin/redir.asp?URL=http://www.lse.ac.uk/collections/ASEN/guidelines.html
4. An author may only submit one article for consideration for the prize.
5. Co-authored articles will not be considered.
6. The Prize Committee reserves the right not to award a prize in any given year.

Please refer to the attached poster for more details; feel free to forward this email to anyone who might be interested.

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